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MyGuide is the interactive walking tour guide you can take around in your pocket

See our guide books on Greenwich Park, Lesnes Abbey and Severndroog Castle.


Discover MyGuide... and discover places

Using your phone's navigation features see where you are on a map, where to go next, even what direction to go in. Get a notification when you reach a point of interest and read or listen to an informative commentary

MyGuide is available for Android only, download now and get going!
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If you have the generic MyGuide App you can download more tours here: Download tours for app

How MyGuide can help you

MyGuide is like an audio guide for the great outdoors. It knows where you are and where you want to go. Choose a walk or tour based on the time you have available and what you want to see and it will guide you to each destination where you can listen to a commentary.
Alternatively just wander around and discover places in your own time with MyGuide notifying when you reach a point of interest.
MyGuide gives you the flexibility to enjoy your visit at your pace... want to stop for a picnic... seen a nice bar... then stop and carry on later.
The MyGuide tour is downloaded to your device so it doesn't need roaming data or even a strong signal, it's ready for you when you need it.

 What are the tours like?

Click here to take a look at the tours and information for Greenwich on-line

 Quick Guide

MyGuide is simple yet powerful. Look at the quick guide to MyGuide to learn more.


It's Free!

Greenwich is so interesting it was a pleasure compiling the Greenwich guide. Let it help make your day more enjoyable!

 Power Consumption

Most modern phones use agressive power management and disable location data. MyGuide will warn you if this is the case. As MyGuide uses location data, and you will be looking at the screen a lot, you will notice your battery draining faster then usual, so consider having a portable recharger with you.


MyGuide is a new simple way to package up any visitor information, but it can do a lot more! As well as GPS it can also create and use QR barcodes to automatically load information. It can also generate a complete web page from the app contents!

 Create your own guide!

MyGuide-Maker is a developer version coming soon. If you love somewhere and want to create a guide to help others enjoy it too then this could be just what you are looking for! Drop us a line!


It's pretty easy... here are five simple steps to get you started!

Select your tour by swiping the logo and tap to open it. The map shows the points of interest which are numbered in the order of the tour. The point you are heading for is red and flashes slowly. Green cross hairs and an arrow show you where you are. If they are not there, you are off the map. If they are red, then there is currently no location data. At the top left an arrow shows you the real world direction and distance to the first point, no matter what direction your phone is pointing, if there is no location data or your phone does not have a compass feature, this will not be displayed.

Before you start the tour, have a look at the settings by tapping the loudspeaker icon and select your preferences. These are fairly self explanatory, but do note that the notifications will be generated using the standard Android notification mechanism and this must be enabled and set up (which it should be by default)

When you are ready, follow the map and direction arrow until you reach the first point of the tour. You can pinch and pull the map to make it smaller or bigger. When you are close to the first point, you will be notified and can either open the information page from the notification, or from the MyGuide map using the Info button or double tapping the red point.

The info screen shows a picture, has some text, and, most importantly, an audio commentary. The picture can normally be scrolled left and right and the commentary paused, stopped or restarted using the controls at the bottom of the screen. Use the Tour button or Android back button to return to the map and the tour.

If for some reason GPS does not work, or you wish to skip a point, just tap the point you want to go to next and it will turn red and you will be directed to it. If you want to find a specific place, tap the ? icon and select it from the alphabetically sorted list. This will make the point the next location and it will be displayed red.

That is enough information to get you going. There are other features, but you will pick these up as you go along.


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